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BJET Special Issue on e-Assessment

The latest issue of BJET (including an article by Alex Heinze) on e-Assessment gives a broad overview of the topic.  There are several interesting articles, soundly argued but with ideas that can be applied in practice.  I particularly liked the idea in Draper’s article “Catalytic assessment: understanding how MCQs and EVS can foster deep learning” of getting students to write Multiple Choice questions.

British Journal of Educational Technology
Volume 40, Issue 2, 2009.

Online ISSN: 1467-8535
Print ISSN: 0007-1013

Journal compilation © 2009 Becta


Editorial: e-assessment: developing new dialogues for the digital age (p 199-202)
Denise Whitelock


e-Assessment and the student learning experience: A survey of student perceptions of e-assessment (p 203-214)
John Dermo


Diagnostic online assessment of basic IT skills in 1st-year undergraduates in the Medical Sciences Division, University of Oxford (p 215-226)
Vivien Sieber

The efficacy of final examinations: A comparative study of closed-book, invigilated exams and open-book, open-web exams (p 227-236)
Jeremy B. Williams, Amy Wong


Does regular online testing enhance student learning in the numerical sciences? Robust evidence from a large data set (p 255-272)
Simon D. Angus, Judith Watson

Mathematical power of special-needs pupils: An ICT-based dynamic assessment format to reveal weak pupils’ learning potential1 (p 273-284)
Marjolijn Peltenburg, Marja van den Heuvel-Panhuizen, Brian Doig

Catalytic assessment: understanding how MCQs and EVS can foster deep learning (p 285-293)
Stephen W. Draper

Blended e-learning skeleton of conversation: Improving formative assessment in undergraduate dissertation supervision (p 294-305)
Aleksej Heinze, Beverley Heinze

What are learners actually regulating when given feedback? (p 306-315)
Stephen W. Draper

Intended and unintended consequences of student use of an online questioning environment (p 316-328)
Dick Ng’ambi, Irwin Brown

A case study of the development of WebPA: An online peer-moderated marking tool (p 329-341)
Steve Loddington, Keith Pond, Nicola Wilkinson, Peter Willmot

Mutual feedback in e-portfolio assessment: an approach to the netfolio system (p 342-357)
Elena Barbera


Use and performances of Web-based portfolio assessment (p 358-370)
Chi-Cheng Chang, Kuo-Hung Tseng

e-Assessment for learning? The potential of short-answer free-text questions with tailored feedback (p 371-385)
Sally Jordan, Tom Mitchell


e is for exploration: Assessing hard-to-measure learning outcomes (p 386-398)
Kerry Shephard


1 Emma { 02.16.09 at 5:20 pm }

Thanks, looks interesting (though you’ve got your internal link to it - … so have to copy the text of the hyperlink, not the URL behind it)

2 Frances Bell { 02.16.09 at 6:25 pm }

Thanks for that Emma - one of my favourite errors is to cut and paste from Uni webmail - hence the broken links. Should now be fixed.

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